RH Systems Office Partitioning Office Interiors

  • Veneered Doors

    veneered doors

    Virtually un decorative styles and moods can be captured with veneered doors. The intricate art of applying veneer has been practiced since the time of the Egyptian Pharoahs.

  • Glass Doors

    glass doors

    Komforts considerable choice of glass doors form an integral part of any partition wall and interior.

  • Laminate Doors

    laminate doors

    75mm & 100mm performance partition systems.
    Attractive and versatile, the Komfire series provides the solution to suit almost any office interior requirement

  • Graphics

    Doors Furniture for office partitioning

    Full colour images to help identify, promote and advertise your business within a particular sector

  • Blinds

    blinds for office partitioning

    The imaginative use of blinds and graphics can bring vibrancy to your office and give it a wholly unigue appearance.

  • Office Partitioning

    office partitioning sample

    Office Partitioning is much more than just walls to divide office space, when used effectively they set the right tone for the workspace and help define the image & character of an organisation