Artcool & Decorative Air Conditioning Units

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artcool and decorative air conditioning units


Art Cool and Decorative Air Conditioning


LG's Art Cool air conditioning units allow you to change the look of your air conditioner as and when you want. The Art Cool Gallery range is designed like a work of art allowing you to change the 'picture' to one of your choice including your very own pictures.


LG air conditioning introduce the Artcool Ultra Slim. Art Cool transformes air conditioning indoor units from being simply a means to an end to become a sophisticated, stylish - easy on the eye practical solution for cooling and heating. Available in various styles LG artcool air conditioning has a unit to suit everyone.


Art Cool Mirror is available as a mirror finish, in silver or in blue (other colours available).


The latest air conditioning units are quieter, utilising heat-pump Inverter technology they are becoming more energy efficient and they are becoming more compact as the manufactures strive to provide air conditioning solutions suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications of all types and sizes.


Features such as adjustable air flows, programmable timers and auto-changeover have enabled air conditioning systems to adapt to be fully operational all-year-round and heat-pump Inverter technology has developed to the extent where heat-pump air conditioning it is now considered one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient heating and cooling products available.


RH Systems recommend, supply and install air conditioning systems for a wide range of applications. Following an initial site survey, we will provide clear, concise proposals as to the best solution to meet your specific needs and budget.


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